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Studying online or by distance learning is a wonderful option for those of us who have families or work fulltime.  Many of the courses are on par with residential courses if not at a higher level.  There are many many online courses available in natural therapies, it's hard to know which are good and if you are getting your monies worth.  I have put together this list of good quality courses that I feel confident in recommending.

1.  Australian College of Natural Therapies - This is my number one recommendation for professional level courses  This college has a campus in Sydney, Australia and also offers distance learning courses that are fully accredited.  They offer courses in Nutrition, Homeopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Aromatherapy and Bach Flowers.

2. The Healing Power of Food course - This is recommendation for a non-professional course in nutrition and using nutrition to treat common ailments. This course will let you know more than just the basics to be able to help your friends and family.  It is also not expensive.  Please note that I do not recommend other courses on this website.

3.  EFT courses - EFT is an easy to learn accupressure technique used to treat a wide range of problems including cravings and weight loss.  They have a free manual plus a video course in which you can become certified.

4.  Arom'alchemy - This college offers aromatherapy courses on two levels and also a teacher training course.  Classes are self-paced and online.

5. Alive and Healthy Institute - They offer two good courses on CD on Homeopathy and Relaxation.  I do not recommend their course on Ayurveda.


For more courses I recommend that you check out e-Learners.  This site has many courses from different colleges that you can compare.