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Educating Ourselves about our Amazing Body by Dr Amitai

“Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much are the three pillars of learning.”

 Benjamin Disraeli
19th Century British Political leader


It is with great joy that I am writing this small note. Knowledge and understanding are wonderful gifts that Ha Chodesh Baruchu has given to each of us. Better still is His Blessing of wisdom that adds to the knowledge and understanding of a subject matter, the unfathomable awesomeness and impact of Hashems power in creation!! It is with this idea in mind that I learned and continue to learn basic sciences, medical sciences, Torah, the arts, and other sources. It is also with this same idea that I teach about health, sciences and life. Be it conventional medicine or simple basic sciences such us anatomy, biology, physiology or chemistry or holistic health awareness and treatment, one should approach it with 'wisdom'. Why? Because no matter what we learn, it is awesome what knowledge brings to us (besides being a great mental challenge!) Astuteness and contextual application of knowledge are the other parts of wisdom.


I created a lengthy but simple academic program for the public and a more advanced program for alternative health care practitioners, psychologists, massage therapist, and nutritionists, based on these principals. The idea is to learn about ourselves with the available scientific tools and apply this knowledge with a 'clearer understanding of our ignorance of the infinite storehouse of further knowledge!!' These are not just words, a false sense of humility or an exercise in futility; it is an exercise in wishing to learn more and recognizing the power of the Eternal One.


Just to get a feel of the intricacies of our bodily function we have to understand how each cell in our body works and how these cells work individually as well as collectively (organs). One should address this issue anatomically, physiologically and biochemically. These organs then work together, under the control of the nervous (including the autonomic nervous) system and with the aid of the circulatory and the endocrine systems, allowing working of our entire body. Then, there are repair mechanisms in our bodies to preserve and adjust it from the wear and tear. This is a relentless and enduring machine (24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 solar days a year for as many years as Hashem wills for our existence; 120 years Bizrat Hashem!!). At this point let us ask ourselves if man in all his greatness has built even a quarter as complicated a machine, as our body, and had it run for even a year without a stop! Oh, I forgot to mention that we do get ill, that is, sometimes these gadgets do not carry out their goals! Well, let it be clear that when you noticed the existing problem (that is when you feel sick) the body has already been dealing with the problem (from a few hours to months and even years probably!!) Redundant pathways are at work, adaptations and compensatory mechanisms exist, and it is astonishing what happens every second of our daily life! This is the study of Pathology. With a little food, water and oxygen (we sure do add to these items more poison and garbage than we dump into the local sewer!), the body keeps on working! As a doctor I am never surprised why a person is sick, but, why despite all the abuse we are well!!


So we give medicines and treatments, be they allopathic or complementary in nature. It is not the medicine that directly “cures” the pathology but the signal the medicine gives a specific part or whole cellular group in the body to produce or mobilize its own reparative role. Holistic medicine encourages a person's natural body to solve the inconsistencies and set up the original homeostasis of the organism. Remember that ‘the inside our digestive tract is outside the body just like the outside our body (Skin) is the external environment’. This internal environment (that is inside the digestive tract) is similar to the external environment! Schematically we are a double cylinder with the functional body contained between the two cylinders!! This is why naturopathic and other holistic medical sciences stress nutrition as playing an important role in cure and the need to select carefully the items we put into this “internal external” environment called the digestive tract! We are responsible for taking care of the internal environment and the outside environment in the world!!


When we vaccinate someone we are activating the natural defense of the body against the expected illness (unfortunately some vaccines, unintentionally, as a bonus, stimulate unwanted and dangerous reactions by the immune system!). Acupuncture opens channels for the natural forces to flow into the body enclosed between these two cylinders and uses the forces from the environment to set original homeostasis. 


This is just to wet your appetites about the vast amount of information there is available on these subjects. I am planning on publishing a monthly journal with articles on different health issues and available conventional and alternative treatments. As practicing doctors do not have the time or sometimes do not wish to spend extensive time educating their patients about their disease there is a need to solve this important problem.  I would like to offer a service in which this education is available for the patient and their families. This would NOT be a medical consultation for treatment or advice, nor does it replace the role of your doctor, but education about your problem and available choices and treatment alternatives with their proclaimed success or attenuating powers. I would like your comments on setting up all these available educational tools.


Feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions. There are a minimum number of students needed in a class to be able to start the course and keep the cost low and affordable. If this idea interests you make sure to use your e-mail contact lists!!


We will understand the conventional basis of illness and we will incorporate alternative medical ideas to show their effectiveness often. We will discover the usefulness of this knowledge in applying it to our daily lives and health. Courses will be available both online and in classrooms. If you live in Jerusalem, we will conduct classes in different areas as long as there are enough students in a class.


My web site -is under construction and in the next few weeks we will finish completing it with more information. The e-mail address is:


Best Wishes

(Dr Gabriel Amitai.)


{Dr Amitai is a recently retired academic and practicing doctor as well as a biochemist, but continues to teach basic sciences and health sciences at a holistic college in Jerusalem, Israel. He is also a writer and research associate at Bar Ilan University in Israel, in the department of criminology in adolescent medicine. Dr Amitai is a dedicated educator and wishes to launch different unique and long sought after and needed educational tools for the general population, health care workers and community}.