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Kalyx - an online store selling many natural and unusual products including herbs, spices, condiments, organic aromatherapy oils.  Most of which are kosher certified and can be bought in bulk for practitioners.

Vitacost - brand name vitamins and supplements online at wholesale prices.  Many are kosher not just those in the kosher section.

The Living Cookbook - recipe organising software, use to create menu plans, find recipes, publish cookbooks and make shopping lists.

DietPro - Made by makers of Living Cookbook.  Track progress on weight and exercise, plan menus, nutritional analysis software.  A good tool for practitioners.

Gourmet Food Store - Gourmet fish, cheeses etc. many are kosher certified.

Kosher gift baskets -  has healthy options when you need to send a gift.

Homeopathy World - Homeopathy kits and products for beginners and practitioner, plus a free introductory course.


The Israel Healing Community - our sister site.  Great info on alternative medicine especially for Jewish people.  Good for practitioners and anyone interested.  Also includes practitioner directory.

The Weston Price Foundation  - Advocates a meat-based, wholefood diet , challenging politically correct nutrition.

Radiant Recovery -  A great program and resource for all those of us who are addicted to sugar.

Complimentary Medicine Guide by the University of Maryland - This is a very comprehensive guide with some subjects covered in more depth than others.  Has a great guide to drug and nutritional supplement interaction. - a non-profit guide to taking your health into your own hands - Articles and much more from the perspective of Breslov Chassidus.