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A Delightful Shabbos

Eating is part and parcel of our oneg Shabbos (Shabbos enjoyment).  If fact we are commanded to take pleasure in our Shabbos food, creating many special and elaborate dishes and family favorites.  However we also aim to feel healthy and energised on Shabbos and avoid the post-shabbos sluggishness and tummy aches that unfortunately are so common.  The contradiction comes in when we over do it, usually on the carbohydrates and sugars.  It's nice to look forward to a special Shabbos dessert and a favorite kugel but when we have 5 pieces of challah, a few pieces of kugel, dessert, followed by cake, followed by nash etc. etc. we just wont feel good.  Here is a suggested plan:

  1. Eat whole wheat challah, or half and half.
  2. Focus on the fish course.  Fish is a great health food and you can serve it with a variety of fresh salads and dips.
  3. Include fresh salad and fruit on the menu.
  4. Stay away from too many kugels.
  5. Try to get a balance, if you make more kugel, don't make cake, if you make a lovely dessert go easy on the kugel etc.
  6. Try serving a fruit platter, a selection of nuts, sugar-free compote, dried fruit or dried fruit salad (soaked in water overnight with a slice or two of lemon) for dessert.
  7. Eat soup.
  8. Stay away from using any kind of soup powders or artificial flavorings, the same goes for sweetners.
  9. Make a healthy carrot or apple cake with olive oil and whole wheat flour.
  10. Avoid soft drinks and too much juice.  Always have water on the table.

Sample Menu for Friday Night:

Whole wheat Challah

Gefilte Fish or Salmon served with a green salad, sweetcorn salad, beetroot salad, houmous, techina, matbucha and olives

Chicken or Meat Soup

Chicken with potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and green beans

Platter of fresh fruits and nut selection.

Have a great Shabbos!